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ATS understands the importance of the construction zone in your facility. We work closely with your employees and operations to address potential health issues, contact with customers and the public, and other critical issues that impact the success of your project. Our experienced preconstruction team provides your facilities and design team with construction cost budgeting, construction value engineering and additional preconstruction services, including BIM as needed.

In order to control project schedules, budgets, and safety in the construction zone, ATS employs a local workforce of multi-skill employees that are specifically trained in the areas of work typically required in your facility. We also offer flexible work hours as needed to work around facility operations.

Construction zone planning and communication is of utmost importance for ATS, and we routinely hold progress meetings as well as ongoing construction zone safety meetings and inspections.  We ensure that the priorities of your local facility come first.

“All Trades Service provided us with an excellent and highly recommended crane operator for our project. They always regard safety first.”

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